Is he going to kiss you?

Is he going to kiss you?

Your eyes have met across as crowded room, the thought of him makes your heart race but what you really really need to know is if he's going to kiss you. Find out the easy way with our quiz.

This quiz was written by Whatever After reader Carina. If you want to write for us, send your ideas to 

Have you ever caught this person looking at your lips?

If the two of you were watching a film or listening to a romantic song in the same place, would he...

Have you ever shared a drink or food?

Have you ever talked about kissing to each other?

Does he always lean in towards your face when you hug or when you talk?

Has he ever pecked you on the cheek or the neck?

Have you ever had a dream about him?

Are you together?

Do you love him?

Why do you want him to kiss you?

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