How Katniss are you?

How Katniss are you?

Oh Katniss, how we wish we were you. So brave, so beautiful, so good at er... well killing people. Find out how like our current fave heroine you are with this Hunger Games quiz:

If a family member had to do something they really, really didn't want to, would you volunteer yourself?

How good are you at talking to boys?

If you had to choose a nickname for yourself, which would it be?

You've won lots of money! But what do you do with it?

Can you tell when someone fancies you?

When you sing...

How long do you spend getting ready to go out?

Where are you happiest?

When faced with a challenging problem, you...

You and a friend are walking along when you see a terrifying creature jump out of the bushes. Do you...

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