Mind: How confident am I?

Mind: How confident am I?

Wilting wallflower or king of the confident castle? Find out how you rate with our confidence quiz>>>

Your morning routine is as follows:

You see your crush across the road. OMG they're crossing to your side, they're walking towards you. What do you do?

You secretly dream of being an actress and auditions for the school play are tomorrow. So you...

You're in an ethics debate on morality. Little Miss Know-everything is banging on again, but you're got an excellent counter argument to her pretentious waffle. You decide to...

Your best friend has borrowed your straighteners for well over a month and your hair is starting to scare people. You

You see a dress you really like, but it's a little bit bolder than the stuff you normally wear. Do you...

You've discovered this AMAZING new singer on YouTube. No one you know has heard of them. Do you...

You see a new style in a mag that none of your friends have tried out. You decide it's your cut to:

Your little bro is teasing you about the state of your skin. You:

You're at a party with your friends when your fave track comes on. You...

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