Mind: How adaptable are you?

Set in your ways Wendy or adaptable Alice? Find out below...

You come home from school one day and your Mum announces she has decided to become a white witch. She will no longer be referred to as 'Mum' but as 'Myfanwy the wise one'. How do you react?

How many times in your life have you dramatically changed your hairstyle?

It's your friend's birthday and she suddenly has a strop at the last minute and asks to swap outfits with you. What do you say?

You're homework diary is:

You're new boyfriend takes you to meet his parents. When you get there you discover they are a Lord and Lady. At supper do you?

Your favourite animal is:

You get a call from the British Olympic gymnastic team saying they are one short and need you to join them for 2012. You...

You're favourite saying is:

You're ideal holiday is:

Survival of the fittest means?

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