Love: Have you got the love X Factor?

Love: Have you got the love X Factor?

Like all the hopefuls you've got ambition and drive but do you have the X factor when it comes to relationships? Find out here...

Round One: The Auditions. So, you’re out and about when you spy the FOYD (Fittie of your Dreams). What do you do to get their attention?

Round Two: Success! They seem to like you. Who asks who out?

Round Three: You’re through to the live rounds of the Love X Factor, which means that you get you get to go on an actual date with them. To calm those nerves, you:

Round Four: Judge’s verdict. You care most about your date's...

Round Five: The Vote. You will see them again, but only if they...

Round six: “The Whole Package” (oo-err). You’ve been on a few dates now and this date really does seem almost to good to be true. How do you feel?

Round Seven: The American Covers. Which Hollywood couple would you most like your relationship to be like?

Round Eight: The minor breakdown. The pressure of being in a relationship starts to get to you and cracks begin to show. Do you:

Round Nine: the duet. Things are back on track and you are basically madly in love. Why does your relationship work?

Round Ten: The finale. It’s make or break time. You guys have been together six months. The fun is starting to wear off and it’s getting to be quite hard work. What do you do?

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