Which Part of Christmas Dinner Will You Date in 2013?

Which Part of Christmas Dinner Will You Date in 2013?

Christmas is a time of peace, love and surprising yourself with how much can be eaten in one day. But before you chow down on your festive food take a good look at that plate. Behold! Christmas dinner is not just the best meal of the year, it’s also a smorgasbord of boy types, all masquerading as merry morsels*.

So whether your love life is all gravy or in need of some serious stuffing, find out which part of Christmas dinner you might end up dating in 2013. *

*probably best not to share this thought with your family though. You don’t want to cause any carrot choking incidents. 

Father Christmas’ beard is…

Time to pull on a Christmas jumper. Which one would you wear?

Christmas party time – what song will get you dancing like you’re in front of your mirror?

Your ideal Christmas decoration would be:

Your perfect pressie is under the tree, but how is it wrapped?

What festive text would give you Christmas chuckles?

Christmas Eve will mainly be spent:

There’s a person shaped parcel in your stocking. Yes, it’s technically kidnap, but who would you most want to unwrap?

Now That’s What I Call Not Just Another Christmas Album Vol X11 (Bonus CD) is on, but which jingle is your jam?

You asked for nail varnish but your deaf Grandad gives you nails and wood varnish instead. You say…

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