Fun: Are you a prom queen?

Fun: Are you a prom queen?

Vicki just got sent the trailer for the new Disney movie Prom. She got so excited about it that she wrote a whole prom quiz. Take the test to see if you're wearing an inner tiara... 

Prom night is approaching! For you, this means...

Right, time to get sorted. No better place to start than with your date. Who do you take?

You’ve been asked to organise the music at the prom. What do you pick?

Shopping time! What makes the perfect prom outfit?

To get in the mood, you and the girls watch a classic prom-themed film. Which one do you pick?

This makes you all dreamy and before you know it, you’re imagining your dream date. You choose:

It’s prom time! How do you arrive?

You’ve barely been at your prom five minutes, when the clumsiest girl at school drops her drink all over your white dress. Everyone points and goes ‘ahhhhhhhhhh’. Cringe. You:

The geekiest kid in the school asks you for a dance. What do you say?

AWARDS TIME! What accolade are you hoping to win?

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