10 June 2011

Write for Whatever After

Want to write for us? Go on then...

Write for Whatever After

We’ve had lots of emails from people that want to write stuff for the site, and seeing as we’re manically trying to run it in our lunch hours from our proper jobs, we actually could do with your help!

We’re looking for:

Feature ideas – investigations into single topics like "10 ways to celebrate the end of your exams," or "How to look like Rhianna"

Quizzes – Silly ones like "How to survive an alien invasion" or serious ones like "How to tell if you're really over your ex." We're not fussy...

What to do now:

Send your basic idea to hello@whateverafter.co.uk Just the quiz or feature title please, don’t write anything yet!

If we think it’ll work for the site, we’ll ask you to write your quiz or feature, and if we like what you write we’ll put it on the site, it’ll go on the site along with your name so the world will know that you’ve written for us.

Coming Soon

Horoscopes Horoscopes

Like the Slink horoscopes, but better!

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