12 February 2014

Valentines schmalentines

How to survive Valentine’s day… whatever your relationship status.

Valentines schmalentines

Whether you’re in a relationship, single or it’s complicated you can’t hide from Valentine’s Day. And whether you’re a hopeless romantic or hopeless at romance here’s some fun stuff to do with your bf, gf, bff’s or the person that it’s complicated with. Er… let’s call them Chucky.


Go and see RoboCop

Or, you know, the least romantic film you can find (we might be being unfair here, maybe there's a love story beating at the heart of RoboCop?) Basically, avoid Endless Love.


Celebrate with friends

Use the day as an excuse to get your best mates together and have some fun. Organise a sleepover, a film night, go bowling or cook some yummy food together. Whatever you and your friends like doing, we bet you’ll have more fun as a group than on your own or just with your bf/ gf.


Plan your holiday 

If you know you might be going on holiday this year (mega jels already at the thought of it)… have a look at some different places you and your family might be able to go. Maybe your parents have already got a rough idea of where to go or maybe the world’s your oyster… pop into a travel agent and pick up some brochures if you want a glossy look at some possibilities or google some facts and stats of where you’d like to go most. Sun, sea, sand and mocktails anyone?


Start a new hobby

If you’re single and you don’t want to be, or single and loving it, think about starting a new hobby that will make you even more awesome than you already are. From tennis to yoga, creative writing to skateboarding – pick something you’ve always wanted to try and have a go!


Do something nice for someone else

People take Valentine’s Day faaaaaarrrrrrr too seriously… and there might be someone you know who’s not quite as chilled out about it as you. If this sounds familiar do something nice for that person, whether it’s hang out with them in break and make them laugh, chat to them about their weekend or what they’re doing for their birthday, or even send them an anonymous Valentine’s Day card (making sure if you don’t fancy them they NEVER find out who sent it).


Treat yourself

Ah… the age old go shopping for something nice to make yourself feel special trick. It just works every time. And… you get something mega new and mega lush out of it. Mega.


And remember… Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be pricey!

If you like or love someone, you don’t just like or love them on 14th February, you like or love them the rest of the year too. Just because someone decided you should buy cards/ flowers/ presents on one day of the year (as well as Chrimbo and b’days… obvs) doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot.


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