12 August 2012

UCAS 2012

Everything you need to know

UCAS 2012

However much you’re trying not to think about it, denial is not a good look when it comes to results day. This time next week, it will be tomorrow. And as scary as the thought of opening that envelope is, it will be a lot less fraught if you are prepared.


There is a lot to think about, and so you don’t have to, we’ve made a handy countdown checklist:


1 Week to Go:


  • Make sure you know when and where you are receiving your results. Do you need to be at school at a certain time? Are you getting them in the post or by text?



  • Do you know your login details for Track? Once the universities have your exam results they'll update their decisions in Track. Forgotten usernames and passwords can be recovered using the login reminder service. This sounds simple but every year hundreds of people get caught out by this.


  • Are you clear about the conditions of their offers? If not you should contact your firm and insurance choices in advance to clarify any conditions that may apply. It’s way better to call them with a week to go then on the 15th, as that will be one of their busiest days.


  • Do you have the contact details for your firm and insurance choices? If you don’t meet the conditions of your offers, you’ll need to speak to the university or college quickly to find out whether they can still be offered a place. Find the details here: www.ucas.com/students/choosingcourses/choosinguni/instguide/



  • Do you know how to get in touch with UCAS if you have a question? Their advisers are available online and over the phone. Visit the ‘contact us’ page here: www.ucas.com/about_us/contact_us/


The Night Before:


  • Put all the information you might need in one place and include a pen and notepad, incase you need to make a note of anything.
  • Try and get a good night’s sleep and don’t obsessively go on track just in case miraculously something appears on there… It won’t…
  • We have spoken to UCAS and they have told us that although there are a lot of rumors doing the rounds about this…TRACK WILL NOT BE UPDATED AT MIDNIGHT. It will be updated at 8am.



This is how Results day will look:


0001 (just after midnight) Clearing Vacancy Search goes live on ucas.com. NOTE: This enables anyone to browse courses with vacancies. Applicants can’t make a formal clearing choice until later in the afternoon on results day.


6am – Social media support opens (get real time answers to questions on twitter, facebook)


7am – contact centre opens


8am – Track goes live on ucas.com. Applicants can log in at this stage to check their status and find out if they have been accepted.


5pm – “Full” Track opens. Applicants have the ability to make a formal Clearing choice at this stage.


20 September – Deadline for completing applications.


Remember that it’s totally and utterly normal to be freaking out about this, everyone else is too…


If you have got any questions that we haven’t answered here then comment through facebook or email us at hello@whateverafter.co.uk and we will try and get you the answers. 

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