18 June 2012

10 things about girls that boys find weird

Conor the Boy tells us the top ten things boys find weird about girls

10 things about girls that boys find weird

A boy called Conor (17) asked if he could write a feature for the site. We were excited. We asked him for a list of ten things that we do that boys just don't get... here it is... Is he right?

Heels - At my prom every girl was wearing heels while complaining about how uncomfortable they are. Half way through the prom most girls were walking around bare footed with heels in their hands. Why wear a shoe that can only last an hour before you have to carry them around? The other reason I don’t understand them is as a shoe they are not practical. Walking in them is difficult, I have tried. Walking should not be a difficult task.

Hareem Trousers - I only recently found out this was the name of them. I don’t understand why a person would wear these unless they are a ninja. Maybe that’s the look you’re going for but if you want to be a ninja you’ll need the mask as well. The main problem with these is that they don’t look like trousers so they don’t look good.

Foundation / black lipstick - Lips should not be the same colour as skin or black. It doesn’t look right. That’s all I have to say about this one.  

Team toilet breaks - As a boy if I need to toilet I go, but I have seen with girls not just them going to the toilet in pairs but them having to go to the toilet in pairs. For example this happens quite a lot; Girl 1: “Come to the toilet” Girl 2: “no I don’t need to” Girl 1: “oh fine I’ll wait”. That is one of the craziest things I have ever heard.

Too much make-up - Yes makeup can make you look more attractive but it doesn’t work if people can tell you’re wearing loads of makeup. I understand why girls wear makeup, the weird thing is I don’t understand how some of them seem to think that the more makeup you put on the more attractive you become.

Overreacting - I have never fallen out with any of my friends, sounds bold but it’s true. I’ve seen girls that are best friends and suddenly hate each other in less than day, this never happens with boys. I just think that’s very strange.

Twilight - So many girls like twilight. Why? It’s an awful book and an even worse movie. This is at the top of my list of strange things about girls. [And yet, you’ve put it at number 7, and you call us weird...]

Handbags with no handle [aka Clutch bags] - Awkward to carry, easy to steal. Everyone knows this, so why do girls keep taking them out? If it’s a fashion thing boys don’t care how you carry your stuff, we just shove it all in our pockets.

The brush / makeup routine - If one girl gets out a brush or a mini mirror make-up kit, it has to be passed around every girl for a touch up, every time. The strange thing about this is that some days the brush and mini mirror make-up kit never come out and no one complains. Also after the touch ups I cannot notice the difference. Waste of time if you ask me. Unless someone has thrown a bucket of muddy water in your face or something, then I understand you sorting yourself out.

Eating Yorkie bars - It clearly states no girls aloud and yet more girls I know eat it than boys. 

What do we think about Conor's list? And what do we find most weird about boys? Send your thoughts to hello@whateverafter.co.uk or leave a comment.

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