16 May 2011

Ten ways to make money this summer

(without getting a real job)

Ten ways to make money this summer

1.       Spring clean your room. Who’s going to pay you? YOU ARE! The average person finds £4.57 when they spring clean their room... okay, when we say ‘average’, we are talking about us. But we did. And it totally meant we could afford a Fanta Freeze at the cinema. Get in.

2.       Get rid of your old stuff. That Girls World doll’s head you used to love could fetch, like, £2 at a carboot sale or on Ebay. Don’t get sentimental: get rid. She was always a bit creepy...

3.       Make cakes! And then sell them to passers by. Oh, and if you put your hair in bunches and make a really awkward homemade sign that looks like you can’t write, people will be more inclined to buy.

4.       Start a band. So what if you can’t play an instrument? Get a gig at a local family friendly pub or at a summer fete, sign up to an online royalty scheme like PRS, and you could get about £6 a gig. Now that’s worth learning the kazoo for.

5.       Offer to do chores for your neighbours. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

6.       Organise a mini-festival in your back garden for you and your mates, and charge everyone 50p to get in. 50p x 10 = £5. Sweet.

7.       Love horses? Volunteer at your local riding stables in exchange for free rides, and sometimes you might get lucky and get paid. We did once, 50p and a glass of orange squash.

8.       Busk it up. Still got that old recorder from school? Still know how to play ‘Peas Pudding Hot’? Then you’re sorted. (NB:  Do double check you’re actually allowed to busk in your chosen area. For example, your dad’s work’s reception = probably not allowed).

9.       Stand outside a posh supermarket and offer to carry old people’s shopping bags in the hope one of them will give you a few quid. Well, anyone who shops in Waitrose must have money to spare... right?

10.   Carol singing! Except sing summer songs like ‘California Gurls’. Come ON. That is pretty genius...


And there you have it! 10 ways to earn a quick bit of summer cash without a) getting a real job, b) resorting to some undignified on-the-knees-begging at The Bank of your Parents, and c) gambling. Because gambling is bad. Except when it’s those cute scratch cards with the pigs on... aww...  we’ll have twenty please.


(Err, where's all our money gone?!)

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