28 May 2011

Ten things to do when you finish your exams

Your checklist for when it's all over

Ten things to do when you finish your exams

1.VICTORY DANCE. It's O-V-E-R. No more revision ever again (well at least for this year). You are FREE. And that kind of occasion deserves to be celebrated with a full on freestyle extravaganza the moment you leave the hall. Running around like a crazy person and hugging everyone counts as a victory dance, as do tears of relief.

2.Have a closing ceremony. This can include the tearing to pieces of your physics textbook and the burning of your notes.

3.If you've been studying in a library, you might want to take a trip there just for the hell of it. Why not make the people who are still revising really jealous by doing things like taking a nap in the fiction section or taunting them with a big sign that says 'I've finished and you haven't'...

4.Sleep until you wake up. Till 4pm if you feel like it. Everyday is a duvet day now...

5.Stay in your pajamas and watch the box-sets of all the TV you've missed out on recently.

6.Organise a flash mob. Mass pillow fight in the town centre anyone? Or dress up as a badger and do the hoola in tescos en masse? The world is your oyster...

7.Reclaim the glam you. Did revision hell not only claim your soul but also your style? If you have been wearing the same outfit for the last three weeks and have stopped brushing your hair then it might be time to ditch revision you and embrace glam best summer ever you.

8.Redecorate your bedroom. Say goodbye to mind-map revision posters and hello to chill out central.

9.Make a 'bucket list' for the summer. Write down every single thing you want to do in the holidays and then set about completing everything on the list.

10.Get a job? You've been working damn hard for free. Why not do some yakka and actually get dosh out of it?

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