8 June 2012

How do you take it to the next level?

You're friends, it's great, but you want more... what do you do?

How do you take it to the next level?

A reader asked us how you take a friendship with a boy to the next level.

We’ve all been there. Your paths cross with a certain person daily, and things are… friendly. It’s nice. You look forward to seeing them, and they seem to enjoy your company. At least for the walk from the station, or into school, or whatever.

But how do you move things on from oh-so-casual friendliness into more romantic territory without sounding like a complete lunatic?

We asked around. We asked some really amazing and beautiful friends of ours, girls with massively successful careers and ridiculous wardrobes who have never seemed to struggle to find boyfriends. We asked them, how do you take things onto the next level? And waited for the wisdom to pour forth.

They didn’t know.

They said they’d love to know and that we should write an article about it. Great. Thanks for that.

So, it seems like no-one knows.

Unless you know?

There must be a way of taking things onto the next level without causing massive amounts of embarrassment, right? If you do have any suggestions that can solve our reader dilemma, please leave a comment or emailhello@whateverafter.co.uk

Your suggestions so far: 

I`ve been in a similar situation and I just made a bit more effort. By that I mean I flirted with them more-not like trying to kiss them every second of the day and cuddling them all the time, but just complimenting them now and again, trying to catch their eye from across the room and asking them to come meet up more often. This worked for a while, we became like best friends and he began to like me and he was going to ask me out but he didn`t have the guts. In the end we got together at a party and that was that :) 

Why doesn't she become even closer to him then she'll get to know his romantic side more?

Just be nice and friendly and everrrr so subtley spend more time alone together! Like ask the group to the cinema, but oh-so-conveniently, no-one else but you two can make it! :)
Rachel xx
my advice is give him sly flirty looks and a sideways smile and if your walking with him slightly shift your body towards him

I think the girl has to be honest to her friend and she should speak to him about it. What's the worst that can happen? (He ignores her/he does not speak to her). At least she will know he was not worth it or maybe he likes her too but is just afraid to make the first move.  It's always best to be truthful to your male friend before its too late.
Shazia x







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