26 February 2014

15 things about Snapchat

Snapchat will change your life and here's 15 ways how...

15 things about Snapchat

Updated 26/02/2014 to include the new snapchat secret codes. We know, right.

1. It will become an obsession...
...the point where, instead of swapping numbers, you'll swap snapchats first.

Other possible side effects include: learning to hack your mate's phone so that they can download it too; (mostly) silently judging people who aren't on it, and hearing snapchat being mentioned when it's not.

2. You'll realise you can use snapchat to ask boys out
And the best part is, if they don't reply, you can pretend the whole thing NEVER HAPPENED. (Unless they screenshot it... and upload it... and share it with all their friends... OMGWHYWOULDYOUDOTHATBOYS).

3. You'll experience the 'selfies aren't a thing anymore because of snapchat' revelation
Remember when it was like 'omg #selfie'? Yeah, us neither. Because thanks to snapchat, a selfie is now a normal way of asking people what time they're coming round or if the corner shop has any peanut butter Kitkat Chunkys left.

4. You will fangirl when you discover the cheat codes.
A girl fangirling about Snapchat secrets

Yessirreee. To get A WHITE PAINTBRUSH - srsly - hold your finger on the paint palette than drag up and across to the top left hand corner. Pull it down a little further to get a soft pink colour.

To get a BLACK OR BROWN PAINTBRUSH, do the same but drag down to the bottom left hand corner.

The sort of thing you can do with snapchat codes

The old codes don't work on Snapchat anymore, so to get different photo effects like BIG HUGE WRITING and epic filters like sepia and black and white, go to settings > additional services > manage > turn on the options. Here you can also turn on your front camera flash and number of best friends.

Turning on additional services on Snapchat

Then, go back to your camera, take a photo and swipe left. Keep swiping left and you'll see all your extra options (including the time and the weather, because afterall, you never know when you're going to need to tell someone the temperature.)

A picture of a toy horse using the weather filter secret code on Snapchat

5. This will be you one day.

Snapchat fail

6. Because of the video function, you will consider becoming a famous director/actress/producer/all-round-triple-threat
But seriously. Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the endless possibilities when it comes to Snapchat videos? In 10 seconds you could:

a. Quote key Mean Girls lines ("So you agree… you think you're really pretty?");
b. Re-enact the classic "I'll never let go, Jack"/*lets go* Titanic moment;
c. or, play the family-favourite 'which part of my face am I moving?' game.


7. You will freak out for a bit because you've read somewhere that your photos aren't 100% definitely deleted
And then you'll discover it's true. Snapchat have admitted it. There are companies in America who can recover the photos. There are loads of videos online showing you how to find the 'deleted' Snapchat files on your phone. Plus, the person you send it to can just take a screenshot of your pic or a photo of it (mind-blowing concept, we know).

But don't freak out, just think before you send. And maybe don't send anything you wouldn't want the whole entire world to see, yeah? Snapchatting should be fun, not weird.

More Snapchat fail

8. You'll really connect with Amy Childs on another level …….

Amy Childs' Twitter

9. You'll realise that there have been like 5 versions and yet still it's like:

Snapchat doggy

10. The text bar will become your best friend
Double chin? Text bar's got it. Weird imperfection? Covered. Didn't realise your face was so long? Break it up with this bad boy.

Textbar win

11. You'll discover that your privacy settings are kinnnda important
Don't want weirdos sending you snaps? Change your share settings to 'friends'. See ya, creepoids.

12. This is you when...
*Someone screenshots your snapchat.
*The person you sent a snapchat to opens it, but doesn't reply.
*That dreaded picture of the snapchat menu appears in your photos, even though you definitely screenshot the snapchat in time.
*Snapchat tells you you've got a new message but then doesn't load it.
*You find out that the awesome snapchat from the person you fancy was sent to at least 500 people.

More Snapchat fail

13. You will genuinely believe your snapchats are ART.
…and for a while you will dabble with the prospect of becoming an artist. That is, until you realise that galleries are just far too quiet, stickmen drawn on Paint aren't going to make you millions and the fake arty moustache you've drawn above your upper lip was done in permanent pen and you think you might be having an allergic reaction.

So then you'll make do by saving the masterpieces you're particularly proud of and putting them all on Twitter and Instagram. Which sort of defeats the point of instant, private pics but yano. 

14.When you close your eyes at night...

You'll see the flashing faceless ghost having his techno rave. And the worst thing? There's a part of you that sort of wishes you could join him.

15.When you're not Snapchatting, you'll find yourself reading articles about Snapchat.

Written by Vicki Lutas. Vicki works at Hollyoaks and they've recently launched on Snapchat. Follow 'HelloHollyoaks' for daily episode spoilers at 4pm.
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