26 September 2011

We're supporting Shereece's campaign

Find out how you can revolutionise sex education in schools

We're supporting Shereece's campaign

Did you know that over 40% of young people have reported that their sex education was poor or very poor?

We at Whatever After were pretty shocked when we heard this and it made us even more determined to support our friend and Battlefront campaigner Shereece in her efforts to reform the way we teach sex education in schools.

Shereece is convinced that trained young people teaching each other the facts of life as part of a combined approach to sex education is the way forward. We're with her all the way, but we need to get as many people as possible backing this campaign to give it the best chance of success.

If you'd like to see things done differently, please add your voice to the growing number of people backing this campaign.

You can help by:

Liking Shereece's campaign page www.facebook.com/talkaboutsex

Following her on Twitter http://twitter.com/_TalkAboutSex

Or if you'd rather just sign up here that's great too!

We'll be keeping everyone up to date with the campaign on the Whatever After site, it really feels like we could make a difference!

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