1 May 2011

Barely there make-up tips

Want to work the natural look? Here's how...

Barely there make-up tips

1) Covert Concealer

You might think foundation just looks like skin, and when it's applied correctly in the right shade, it does, but finding the right one can be tough, and in the summer it can be too heavy and clog pores causing spots. We suggest getting expert at concealing instead.

Rule number one: Do not, under any circumstances, squeeze the spot. I know this is impossible advice, but it will genuinely only make it more red and leaky and double the difficulties of concealing.
Once you have successfully left your spot alone, invest in a thin brush, (a lip brush is perfect) and apply just a tiny bit of stick concealer to the red area, set in place with powder, then apply a little bit more concealer over the top.
If you really think your skin needs covering, try tinted moisturiser instead, it's lighter, and much less noticeable but still gives you a bit of a glow.
Try: Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
Try: Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser

2) Give 'em the Slip Lips

Tinted lip balm is your ally. Benefit's Benetint is a lovely barely there balm that gives your lips a saucy, secret blush, a bit like you've been snogging someone you shouldn't.
A medicated balm like celeb fave Carmex makes your lips tingle and gives the same effect. Or make your own tinted balm by scooping out the very end of an old lipstick and mixing it with balm.
Try: Benefit Benetint
Try: Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm SPF15

3) Cheatin' Cheeks

Blush brings the face to life, and if you choose your product carefully it'll pass under the radar. We like light gel based formulas that look like you've just done something mildly dodgy.
Blend a tiny dot of red lipstick over the cheek bone with a dot of moisturiser for no-budget copycat look.
Try: Maybelline Dream Team Mousse Blush
Try: Barry M Extra Fine Blusher

4) Eyes for Spies

Eyelash curlers open up the eyes and definitely don't count as make-up. Yay! Follow with clear mascara to separate and define lashes and tidy brows. Barry M does a good budget version.
People will want to gaze into your lovely fluttery eyes, but they won't know why... Mwah ha ha ha.
This is our favourite no make up make up tip because it genuinely involves no make up.
Try: Barry M Clear Mascara
Tweezerman Deluxe Eyelash Curler

5) Emergency escape plan

Make sure you carry facial wipes for that inevitable "Oi, you in the back row, is that make-up you're wearing?..." moment.
There's nothing worse than trying to wash off your slap with hand-wash in the school bogs. We've been there. It's a mission impossible.
Try: Simple Cleansing Wipes
Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover

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