23 September 2012

London Fashion Week nails

We went to the Rimmel London Fashion week event and got some top tips for top finger-tips.

London Fashion Week nails

This report is by WA reader Rosaline Williams, if you want to write for us email hello@whateverafter.co.uk 

So it was London Fashion Week last week, and obvs being the uber fashionistas that we are (ahem. Yes.), we managed to obtain an invite to an event that Glam Media were hosting, sponsored by Rimmel London.

We all went away with a very generous goodie bag full of Rimmel goodies including gorgeous glitter packed "Precious Stones" polish and the Metal Rush collection which change colour depending on what light you are under (see pic below).

Rimmel metal rush nails

We also picked up a few nail tips from the manicurists. So here are our Top Ten Tips for beautiful nails:

1)    Feed Your Nails

You don’t need to spend loads of money on expensive nail care stuff; your kitchen is just as good! Soak your nails in warm milk and then rub a tiny drop of oil into the cuticles for a nourishing treat.

2)    Feed Your Self

Your nails need calcium and protein in order to grow and be strong, so getting enough of this in your diet is important. In fact, those pesky white marks on your nails are a sign of a lack of calcium. Protein is found in meat, eggs, nuts and seeds as well as cheese, whilst dairy products such as milk and yoghurt are a great source of both protein and calcium.

3)    The Beauty Team

Rope your friends/sister/mother into giving you a manicure so that the hand you write with looks just as good as the other!

4)    Painted Encouragement

Wear varnish especially if you bite your nails – you’re far less likely to nibble on your nails if you’ve taken the effort to make them look pretty.

5)    Go Mental

Nail Art is having a moment right now, and it’s a great way to express yourself in a teeny tiny way. From Lindsay Lohan’s not so subtle message in court, to Team GBs emphasis on glamour in sport, nail art is everywhere. Get inspiration from nail art pros as well as WAH Nails (in Topshop and their online tutorials) and go crazy. Original, bold designs can still look tres chic.

6)    The ‘It’ Nails

Ever since Chanel first got in on the nail act, colours have become a statement, just as much as the ‘It’ bag. Remember that mint green? And the cobalt blue? This season it’s all about Blood Red and Nude, so if you really want to up your fashion cred, get involved with that. It doesn’t have to be Chanel though! Rimmel and Barry M are both great cheap alternatives.

7)    Always Be Prepared

Keep a mini nail kit in your bag, including tiny file and hand cream, to deal with emergency nail moments.

8)    File Away

Always file your nails rather than cutting them, as this breaks their strength (and is less controlled so you’re more likely to end up with the fingernails of a caveman). File in one direction (maybe whilst listening to ‘That’s what makes you beautiful’ because it would be appropriate. See what I did there!? Har har) as that keeps your nails stronger too.

9)    Layer It Up

Layers are key for the transitional season of autumn, but are also a Top Tip when it comes to your nails. Apply a clear base coat to avoid discolouration, then allow the first layer of colour to dry before applying a second, and finally apply a clear top coat, which prevents chipping.

10) Patience is a Virtue

Once you’ve taken the time and effort to get your nails looking perfect, why mess them up by smudging the paint!? Try and wait at least 15 minutes after you’ve painted your nails before doing anything with your hands in order to prevent the dreaded smudge.


Ok, beautiful nails might not be the most important things in life, but they certainly improve your outlook on it… Happy painting!!

Find out more about the bargainous and on-trend polishes from Rimmel at www.rimmellondon.com


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