15 August 2013

Results: what now?

It's results time, and our thoughts are with you...

Results: what now?

Results day can be quite an intense experience. It's hard not to feel like This. Is. IT and that those little letters will forever follow you around or come to define you in some way. 

We just wanted to say a couple of things about this: 

1) Good luck readers! Whatever happens, we're behind you (not literally, that would be weird.)

2) If it's gone well, take some time to feel really proud of what you've done. It's no small thing to get through these exams, it really is one of the most stressful times you will go through, so whatever the results it's great that you're still here!

3) There will definitely come a day when noone in the world will care what you got in your History exam. Seriously, we can't remember the last time anyone brought up results, and we're not that old. 

4) Options, there are loads. There are lots of things you can do now, whatever set of results you've come out with. If the grades aren't what you expected, good or bad, there's clearing, there's the option of not going to Uni, taking a year out isn't a great idea this year, but you could still make it work.

Don't rush yourself, get the results, take stock, and then start the next phase of your fabulous life with confidence. You just got through a massive thing, and you are ace.

Here are some useful links: 

The Guardian's Guide to Clearing

UCAS clearing info

Is Uni for you? 

A video about a deer and a kitten who love each other 

Also, we'd love to hear your exam stories here, so please share! 



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