3 February 2013

Reclaim Valentine's Day

It's not just for couples you know

Reclaim Valentine's Day

Not got anyone lined up to give you a ‘me to you’ bear or write you a cringey poem? No worries because despite what your loved up mates might tell you, Valentines day isn’t just for couples. It’s for singles on a mission and here are some ways to make it work for you…


  • Organise a singles party. You don’t have to exactly call it that… but just invite all your single mates round and get them to bring their single friends. We’re not saying you’ll meet the love of your life…. But you might have a laugh and it’s better than watching Corrie with your Mum…


  • Cause some mischief- play Cupid and send some anonymous love notes… to people you fancy…to people your mates fancy…to anyone really…It might not bring the one to your door…but it could be an amusing distraction?


  • Make a youtube video asking a celebrity to be your Valentine.  It can be to the point, ‘Harry Styles please be my Valentine. Confirm via social networking mediums that this is the case’. Or something more flamboyant maybe? You dressed as a badger scaling Buckingham Palace to tell Prince Harry your true feelings. Go crazy. To be honest, they will probably HAVE to respond and you will become a celebrity in your own right anyway.


  • Insist on playing Gooseberry to your best mate / sister and sit between them singing heartfelt ballads.


  • Go for a walk and inwardly laugh at all the slightly tense looking couples out and about supposedly enjoying themselves. V day is stressful and don’t let anyone tell you different. We know someone who actually split up with the bf on Valentines day UNDER THE EIFFEL TOWER.


  • Eat a picture of the person you fancy most in the world (just a very small one…) Then lie back and think hard about them. This is a possibly maybe proven way of enchanting people so that you’re not on your own next V Day.


  • Send a present to a single friend and get them to give you one back. Just because you’re not in a couple doesn’t mean you don’t deserve presents.


  • Do nothing. Valentine’s day is just another day, and if you’re not in a couple you have absolutely no pressure to do anything with your day at all. You don’t have to worry about getting the right gift, or putting your relationship under the romantic magnifying glass and exposing it’s flaws. The romantic world is your oyster! Enjoy this amazing feeling of freedom cos we guarantee there’ll be a lot of girls out there wishing they were in your position… as they open that ceramic cat with the heart shaped tail and watch their partner blowing his nose on his napkin… 
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