8 June 2011

Random Prom Facts

Things you never knew about prom...

Random Prom Facts

Apparently 50% of American girls view their prom as equal in importance to their wedding. So you know about the corsages, limos and general hysteria, but here are some facts about our favourite American tradition that you might not have heard...

1) Dream date...

Or not such a dream date...having a date is so essential that the day after is known as the ‘prom graveyard’ because of all the couples that split up as soon as it’s over

Adam Sandler was asked by a teenage fan live on air if he would be her date for the prom...and he accepted and went along! Maybe that would work with Max from The Wanted too?? 

Kirsten Dunst TURNED DOWN Josh Harnett when he asked her to be his date. 

Prom often courts controversy- In 2002 gay teen Marc Hall was forbidden from bringing his male date to his prom. He sued and won.

Madonna didn’t go to prom cos she couldn’t get a date so sat home and eat crisps instead. Maybe that's when she thought of 

2) Like a virgin (get it!)

20% of prom goers will lose their virginity on prom night...

3) Let’s not make a song and dance about it...

Christina Aguilera’s jealous classmates left their prom when her hit song 'genie in a bottle' was played. Don’t make it too obvious or anything...

In 2009 teenager Tyler Frost was suspended from school for going to his girlfriend’s prom because he was forbidden to dance by the strict Christian school he attended. And you thought footloose seemed far fetched...

4) It’s all about that crown

Actresses Dakota Fanning, Meg Ryan, Halle Berry were all prom queens as was The Color Purple author Alice Walker. 

Drew Barrymore hosted a prom themed birthday party for a friend who missed her senior prom and even crowned her prom queen. 

In June 2011 the first ever transgender prom queen was crowned in Florida after entering as a joke. How cool is that?

The prom King and Queen came into being in the 1950’s, alongside corsages and the ‘prom song’. It is common now for their also to be a ‘prom court’ where a Prince, Princess and courtiers are honoured.

5) Risky Business

The average American teen spends $1500 on their prom

Prom season is the most dangerous time of year for teen deaths in America with 33% of all fatalities occurring in the two months when they are held due to drink fuelled post prom road accidents and suicides. 

Prom has such a massive build up that afterwards many teens report suffering from post prom depression. Maybe it's not such a bad thing that all your school has is a leavers assembly and board games in PSE.

Does your school have a prom? If it doesn’t do you wish it did? If you have a prom story send it to us at hello@whateverafter.co.uk

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