16 March 2012

Boy's View- The Popularity Factor

Do popular guys ever consider asking out girls who aren’t as popular as them?

Boy's View- The Popularity Factor

I want to say yes, of course they do: boys don’t discriminate against girls on the basis of popularity, they discriminate on looks and bottom size.

But maybe I’d be wrong.

People tend to be drawn to those with a similar "status" to them. Or at least, they seem to end up going out with those people.

That's why there are so many celebrity relationships. Angelina Jolie, for example, only ever seems to go out with other Hollywood actors. And never, for instance, nice boys who write for online magazines. 

They say this is because only other celebs can understand what it’s like to be famous. (And to have all that money, probably.) Going out with someone living in similar circumstances to you is considered a safer recipe for success.

So if you’re the most popular lad in school, there’s an expectation you’ll end up with the most popular girl. Only they can understand what it’s like to be picked first at sports and have all your jokes laughed at.

But there are surely other, more important, things to base a relationship on. Like, you know, whether you actually like someone. And frankly, lads want as large a pool of girls to choose from as possible, rather than restricting themselves only to girls with over 600 Facebook friends.

So to answer the question, lads would have no qualms about dating girls who aren't that popular.

But it's just like the media backlash if Jolie shacked up with an unknown but amazingly hilarious and cool English writer... the problem is what other people might think. 
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