2 May 2011


AKA: climax, coming, the big O, the crucial moment, peak of sexual pleasure.

What is it?

An orgasm is a peak of pleasurable sensation. Sexual tension builds up when we get aroused (turned on). The tension is released during an orgasm, when the muscles in and around the vagina rhythmically contract.

No two orgasms are exactly the same. They differ between women and from one time to the next.

They’re not essential for sexual satisfaction they're just a sort of added bonus.

Is it the same for boys?

When boys have an orgasm they usually ejaculate sperm but the pleasurable feelings are very similar.

Boys usually find it easier to come during sex than girls, who often need to have their clitoris stimulated in order to reach orgasm.

Do girls ejaculate?

Some women find they suddenly get wetter during an orgasm, even feeling a gush of fluid from their vagina. The jury’s out as to the contents of the fluid. For some, it is a spurt of wee.

For others, it is vaginal secretions that have built up in the vagina and then get squeezed out by the muscular contractions of an orgasm.

Most women don’t noticeably ejaculate in this way.

What are multiple orgasms?

A multiple orgasm is when someone has an orgasm more than once in a short time.

It’s more common for girls to experience multiple orgasms than boys, as boys' bodies usually take longer to recover enough for a second one.

That's it. 

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