4 March 2013

MTV Voices Needs You

MTV Voices Needs You

Hiyeeerrrrr. You meet MTV Voices. MTV Voices meet You.

Good, that’s the introductions done. Now let’s get to the good bit.

MTV Voices is the bit of MTV that’s written, filmed, photo-ed, whatevered, all by real people doing real things.

It’s basically a place to get your voice heard. So, if you’ve got a story, or opinion you want to share, they want to hear it.

It can be on whatever you want to say.  All you need to do is get in touch:


Or head over to:



But that can also be a bit of a tricky thing to know what to talk about.

So, maybe if you need some time to think about what you’d like to say, how about this easy question to get started? 

Do you have a friend dilemma? (Ah - so that's why there's a pic of Kanye and Jay) Are you having beef with your best mate? Maybe you’re wondering whether to fess up to fancying someone who thinks they’re just your friend? Or is there someone you wish would just stop copying your style and you could just cut loose?

We’ll take the best questions and take them round the world to get the best advice straight from people on the street. So, send them over, on Facebook, Twitter or email.





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