2 December 2013

Can a body massage improve your face?

A visit to top London facialist Katherine Jackson for a lymphatic draining and hands on healing massage.

Can a body massage improve your face?

I’ve been visiting top London facialist Katherine Jackson for about a year now, and as you’ll know from recent posts I’ve been really thrilled with the results of her tailored treatments using her signature skin identical actives and hand blended products.

On my second to last visit, I told Katherine about some of the stresses I’ve been going through recently, buying my first home and juggling a heavy workload as a freelance writer. Ever keen to help, Katherine suggested we incorporate some body massage into my next treatment.

Obviously, no one is going to turn down the offer of a massage, though I’ll admit my first thoughts were that I go to Katherine for facial treatments and that a massage felt like a different kind of thing. But a month later, warmly nestled in her Fulham Broadway treatment room, my feelings totally changed.

Katherine’s massage technique integrates Eastern and Western massage techniques to deliver a hands on healing treatment that balances body and mind.

Using deep relaxing strokes with an emphasis on lymphatic drainage, combined with acupressure along the meridians (energy pathways in “traditional” Chinese medicine,) Katherine’s firm, efficient treatment seemed to melt away my tension and give an overall sense of being safe and cared for.

As Katherine focused on my upper back and neck, extending and lengthening this most crunched of places using a series of Shiatsu stretches, I joked that, on leaving, I’d be an inch taller, and I genuinely think I did walk out of her clinic a little bit closer to the autumn sun.

As always with Katherine my main interest is in what her treatments do to my face, and in this instance the results were remarkable. I looked… peaceful. My brow unlined, my cheeks ruddy with happiness and health. This felt to me like a combination of some intricate facial and scalp work with an emphasis on pushing everything up, and draining everything out, and the overall sense of wellbeing her expert body massage had given me.

So can a massage improve your face? After a session with Katherine Jackson I can wholeheartedly say that it does. Try one of her lymphatic draining and healing massages today. 

Read my original article about Katherine Jackson's facials, here.

Find out more or book an appointment at www.katherinejackson.co.uk

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