10 October 2013

Katherine Jackson - Skin diary

My skin is changing daily thanks to an ultra simple but effective two step routine...

Katherine Jackson - Skin diary

After my last visit to London Facialist Katherine Jackson (for an amazing body massage and facial combined that literally left me glowing...) she gave me some of her products to try out; a typically kind gesture, but one that I perhaps didn't realise would have quite such a massive impact on my life. 

Four weeks on and... well let's just say I've had to start carrying a passport with me when I go out because my skin is line-free and lovely and basically I get ID'd everywhere I go! Believe me, this is an unprecedented development. As my boyfriend kindly pointed out I'm only a couple of years off being DOUBLE the legal drinking age. 

I can honestly say this whole phenomenon can only be due to my snazzy new skincare routine courtesy of Katherine (I loved her before, now I'm thinking of kidnapping her and keeping her in my basement...)

Here's the lowdown on the products that will become the backbone of her skincare range and which I will use for the rest of my life...


The Super Cleanser: 

What is it? A gel like cleanser that removes make up and dirt with the speed and effectiveness of a liquid cleanser, but with the comfort and hydration of a gel. 

What do you do? You put a single squeeze onto your palm and then apply direct to dry skin. I give it a good massage in, which is really easy as the consistancy is slippy but without being messy. When I've finished massaging, I wet the tips of my fingers and quickly massage them all over the skin. This causes the gel to turn from a clear oil to a cloudy liquid. I then thoroughly wash this off my face. 

What happens next? Clean, comfortable skin. I can't believe how quickly and effectively it gets eye make off (I wear loads) whilst still being so gentle. My occassional spots are a thing of the past, you can't even see the pores where they used to be. This is a miracle product. 


The Skin Identical Actives Serum:

What is it? An extremely light but moisturising serum containing Katherine's secret Skin Identical Actives blend. It's light, easily absorbed, and you wake up with perfect skin...

What do you do? A couple of squishes is enough to cover your whole face and neck. The consistancy is not like most serums, it's much more watery (in a good way) and leaves none of the sticky residue you sometimes get.

Katherine tells me that some of her customers take a bit of coaxing away from their heavy creamy night creams, but once they've made the transition, they never look back.

What happens next? Balanced and beautiful skin. This stuff gives my skin everything it needs, no more, no less. It refines pores, reduces fine lines and gives you a lovely youthful sheen. I also really feel like my skin is stronger and more resistant with every use.


The Enzyme Peel Mask:

What is it? The final product in my Katherine Jackson arsenal is an intriguing looking pouch of powder which, when mixed with water, becomes an enzyme rich peeling mask. 

What do you do? You put about a teaspoon of the powder with a little water, mix it until you have a nice smooth paste, and then paint it on.

I'm currently waiting for it to dry. It's not as scary feeling as a lot of masks of this kind, and having experienced it already at Katherine's clinic I know it won't hurt when I take it off. 

Katherine told me only to use it if I felt like I needed a bit extra. And up till this point I simply haven't felt I needed anything more as I'm so happy with the cleanser and serum. However I thought I'd better try it so I could write about it here... 

What happens next? The mask sets into a pleasingly bright white and solid mask. After about 15 minutes I was able to peel it off revealing really smooth and again glowing (sorry I really need to think of another word...) skin.


Read my original article about Katherine Jackson's facials, here.

Find out more or book an appointment at www.katherinejackson.co.uk

If you've got any questions about anything, or if you're also a Katherine afficionady, please do leave a comment, or mail hello@whateverafter.co.uk

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