10 October 2013

Katherine Jackson - Facialist superstar

Find out all about facialist Katherine Jackson, Skin Identical Actives, and the secret London talent who'll get your skin looking it's best...

Katherine Jackson - Facialist superstar

UPDATE: Read my skin diary featuring three core products from Katherine's bespoke skin care range here. 

Katherine Jackson is not only the most effective facialist I’ve ever been to see, but also the one that delivers her skills with the least amount of fuss. As a person she is brisk and practical, but hugely warm. Exactly as you’d imagine an ex-nurse would be, (which is exactly what she is). I love visiting her minimalist salon space, set within a business park in Fulham. Somehow the no-frills approach makes the impressive results even more satisfying. A visit to Katherine feels like you’re in on a massive secret and, to be honest, you kind of are.

In fact, the whole experience reminds me of going to the school nurse’s office, a moment of healing calm away from the demands of the day. From the moment you walk into the room you feel you’re being taken care of, like everything is going to be alright. You lie there with skin that’s been bullied, tested, and had the footballs of life kicked at it, and Katherine quite simply makes it all better. This is no dermatological sticking plaster though, I can feel her treatments making my skin stronger, less lined, and more resilient with each session.

From my first session she felt like an ally. She asked me if I’d come to her because I was getting married. I wasn’t, but I can believe she must see a lot of nervy brides. How many women must have smiled confidently for the camera knowing that they’re going to look ace in those all important wedding photos, all thanks to the wonders worked by this diminutive lady?

No two facials are the same, and you can expect a tailored treatment compromising Katherine’s hand blended masks, oils, moisturisers and cleansers, some of which you can hear her mixing up in the room; I love the reassuring clatter of pots and potions as she the takes fresh ingredients and unique Skin Identical Actives and whisks them together before brushing them gently onto your skin.

She also has an impressive array of facial gadgets which impart quite astounding results with thrilling whizzes, pings and flashes of light. And everything’s finished off with a firm massage from her healing hands. I leave each session with the skin I had ten years ago, and it actually looks even better the next day.

Katherine believes that the skin is a window to what’s going on deep inside the body and the mind. She tells me she can feel I’ve been carrying around a lot of stress recently, she describes my mood as “bumpy” and picks up on tension in my chest. She’s spot on, juggling the demands of buying a home with a hefty work schedule as a writer has been a life-shortening experience and all those deadlines, coupled with builder wranglings and late night panics about paint colour are writ large on my face. It’s a slightly terrifying thought, but I’m not scared, because I know I’m not on my own. Katherine Jackson is my skin’s wingwoman and she’s going to make everything alright… 

Find out more or book an appointment at www.katherinejackson.co.uk

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