3 February 2012

Boy's View- How do you know when your boyfriend is going off you?

You asked the question and Kev has got the answer...

Boy's View- How do you know when your boyfriend is going off you?

There are some obvious indicators of this:

·      He emigrates without telling you

·      He says he “hates you and all your kind”

·      He throws you into a pond

But ah, if only things were that simple. Boys are never that straight-forward, which means you are left guessing.

If you’re a paranoid sort, you can have all sorts of fun trying to work out if someone is going off you. Why didn’t he leave a kiss on that text, did he just groan when I said I was coming round, why didn’t he offer me a Quaver, why did he call me “Stacey” when my name isn’t Stacey?

On the other hand, if you’re very confident in the strength of your relationship, you can be oblivious to some glaring signs that he may be having second thoughts. Such as:

·      He keeps making excuses not to meet up (one excuse doesn’t count – you should start getting worried after three excuses)

·      He is avoiding snogs

·      He calls you Stacey when your name isn’t Stacey 

So it’s tricky to find the right balance. If you’re the neurotic type and you blurt out something about him going off you when he isn’t, he might think you’re weird. And THAT might put him off you.

But if you go the opposite way and think everything is hunky dory when it isn’t, you’ll get a thumpingly sad surprise when he ends up telling you otherwise.

So you have to be somewhere in between. Don’t be paranoid, but be alert to the fact that problems will always occur in relationships. And if you spot any glaring signs (e.g. repeated excuses, no snogs, no Quavers, “Stacey”), try to talk to him.  If you end the conversation in a pond, it’s not going to work out.

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