2 December 2013

How to be a...

Career advice that works!

How to be a...

When I was younger I wanted to be a fairy. I knew nothing about how to become a fairy, what qualifications I might need, or what work experience would set me on the right track to fairyland. I’d never even heard of anyone working as a fairy. Lacking in fairy facts I became a writer instead, a job which does allow me to make things up on a daily basis, so it’s sort of similar…

Seriously though, if I had been able to find out more about the various jobs I was interested in (Chief Fairy included) I would have at least been able to answer the age-old bore-off question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Seeing as adults can’t grow up themselves and stop asking that, and because “I don’t know” doesn’t seem to cut it as an answer, we thought we’d help you figure out some cool careers you might want to consider.

Starting in January we’ll be posting articles on various careers. We’ve met some awesome people who work in brilliant jobs (right now!) and quizzed them on what they do, how they got there and what you can do to get their jobs. Yes you!

From a scientist to a TV presenter, a zookeeper to a documentary filmmaker, we’ve interviewed loads of people to help you pick between wanting to be a surgeon, a solicitor or a singer… and lots of other jobs that don’t just begin with an ‘s’.

But we want to find out about the jobs you’re interested in! So if you want to be an astronaut/ architect/ electrician/ hairdresser/ actor… or whatever career you’re thinking about, let us know and we’ll feature people working in those jobs.

Tell us what you want to be. Leave a comment below, or email us hello@whateverafter.co.uk with the subject title ‘How to be a…’ Or tweet us @whateverafter using #howtobea… because we want to write about what you want to be!

Once you’ve told us your suggestion check back in January for the amazing launch of our careers series, ‘How to be a…’, including interviews with people doing the jobs you’ve suggested. It could change your life forever. Literally. And for once, I’m not making it up.


Written by Isla Gray

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