2 May 2011


Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham and Katie Perry have all battled acne so you are in glam company, here are our top tips on how to cope...

1. Detox
DON'T SQUEEZE IT. Keep the spot clean and detox by eating your five-a-day fruit and veg and drinking plenty of water.

Try a 3-in-1 medicated wash before carrying out your make-up routine.

2. Treat
Treat flare-ups with an over-the-counter spot formulation. Cover up using a tinted cream which fights spots whilst giving you some camouflage.

Apply like a foundation

3. Conceal
Hide the offending zit with a concealer which matches your skin tone.

Dot it around the spot and then use a clean finger to blend it inwards.


Up to 85% of teenagers get spots during adolescence, so you're not alone.

Acne is caused by the presence of hormones in the body called androgens. These increase sebum (oil) production and the extra oil mixed with dead skin cells produce inflamed pus-filled spots.

If one or both of your parents suffered from acne as a teenager you are more likely to suffer the same fate. So blame your parents!

If your spots are really bugging you, try having them extracted by a professional. Some salons have 'teen or prescription facials' which deep cleanse and steam the skin. This helps loosen surface blockage to ease out those spots.

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