4 May 2011

How to change your image

Our step by step guide to style re-invention

How to change your image

First things first, you need to make sure you're changing your image for the right reasons. Is it because what you see when you look in the mirror doesn't reflect the person you are on the inside? Or is it because you fancy someone who is totally different to you and think an image change might make them realise you are the love of their life? Maybe you think if you suddenly look different everything will suddenly be different? Changing your image won't change your life but mixing things up in the style department is a way of expressing yourself that's fun and creative. Before commencing your style transformation remember that your image should fit with what you are all about on the inside. If it doesn't then it won't seem genuine and you won't be able to maintain it.

●    Image is all about attitude. Think about who you are and what matters to you and then write those qualities down. Think about who embodies those qualities and be inspired by them. Movies, music, art and books are all great places to start when thinking about choosing a style icon. Once you have one, think about how you can adapt their look and make it your own.

●     Don't go from zero to hero. If you turn up on the first day of school after the holidays looking like a totally different person, people might think you've gone crazy. Take small steps and build on them until you've slowly created a new image without people really noticing.

●    For instant 'wow', change your hair. Changing your hairstyle is by far the most dramatic and immediate way of changing your image. Before you go mad and run to the hairdressers begging for an Emma Watson crop or bright red Rhianna ringlets, go to www.taaz.com and experiment with different looks to see what suits you best. You don't have to go for a massive change. Changing your parting, getting a fringe or having layers cut in will all make a difference. NEVER, ever, ever bleach your own hair. It will almost certainly be a disaster.

●    Re-invent your own wardrobe. No one has the money to go out and buy a whole new closet and you probably don't need to anyway. All you have to do is streamline your current clothes. What do have that fits in with your new look? Can you wear things in a different way or in different combinations?

●    Accessories are your friend. They are cheap and can make a massive difference to your look. Coloured tights, scarves, hair clips, belts and jewellery can make a big impact and really finish a look.

●     Make-up can make all the difference. Perfect red lips exude old school Hollywood glamour, while nothing says 'grunge' like lots of smudged eyeliner. Make-up pulls a whole outfit together and is an essential element of most looks. A coat of black nail polish alone can totally change the tone of an outfit. The great thing about make-up is it comes off instantly, so play around with lots of different styles.

●    Assess the change. Once your style transformation is complete, take a step back and look in the mirror... Is that really you? If you feel weird, uncomfortable and awkward then your new image probably isn't reflecting what you're all about. Maybe it reflects who you think you should be not who you really are.

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