1 May 2011

Fancying a teacher

Having a little crush on your teacher is normal, some of them can be suspiciously attractive…

But doing anything about it is a no–no. Here are the reasons why…

Teacher temptation

Whether they're a Geography geek in cords or a young drama guru with great legs, most of us get a crush on a teacher at some point. Even if they're not a total hottie by normal standards, it's easy to be attracted to them. They're intelligent, in a powerful position and get tons of respect. But how do you handle it?

Loved-up learning

Having a crush on your teacher can be a positive experience. For one thing, your grades in their class will probably sky-rocket (cos you'll be trying extra hard!). You'll be eager to please, listen closely in class and you'll actually look forward to lessons.

Tutor obsession

Teacher crushes are harmless as long as you don't take them too seriously. Fit teachers are eye-candy. Nothing more. If you start flirting or sending love notes, not only will you embarrass yourself, you'll also scare them senseless!

Keep It Real

Your teacher can be adorable, but they're also untouchable. They can't have a relationship with you: it's illegal. If a teacher, or anyone else in a position of trust, has any kind of sexual contact with someone under 18 in his or her care, they're breaking the law.

Teachers are only human and sometimes they will find pupils attractive, but 99% would never dream of making a move. If your teacher makes any kind of flirty move on you, bear in mind that their behaviour is totally inappropriate. You should consider talking to your parents or another member of staff about it.


A teacher that sleeps with a pupil can face up to 5 years in jail and will be added to the sex offenders' register.

Treat your crush as fantasy, and don't try to make it a reality. Look around you, there are loads of boys and girls you can go out with. It'd be stupid to miss out just 'cos you're obsessing over a teacher.

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