30 June 2011

Boy's view: He wants expensive presents

He ain't saying he's a gold digga, but Kev does reckon this guy needs to get a grip...

Boy's view: He wants expensive presents

A Whatever After reader asks: My boyfriend only wants really expensive things for his birthday but I don't have much money, what should I get him??

What I do in these situations is hang around on a street corner until I see an old lady coming, then grab her purse, put five pounds in it and purchase her.

An old lady is one of the best presents you can give, and I believe is worth quite a lot of money – more than five pounds. Old ladies are also normally quite bored so they enjoy being presents for other people. Obviously you can’t keep them forever though; they will need to go home to their biscuits.

I think I am answering this question in a stupid way because your boyfriend seems to be making stupid demands. Has he actually asked you for expensive stuff, knowing you have no cash? Then he doesn’t deserve anything, that’s greedy!

Or maybe he hasn’t asked for expensive stuff, you are just assuming he wants it and are panicking. In which case, you are the stupid one because surely he knows you can’t afford to buy him a Playstation 3 with the contents of your piggy bank.

If he actually really does expect this, he should learn that monetary value isn’t everything.

Good presents are about thoughtfulness and originality and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get something nice. Maybe take him on an adventure, or give him a good book or something hand-made (like a cake! ).

Or as discussed, if you want to be extravagant get him an old lady but only if you’re certain he won’t feed her after midnight, even if it’s just biscuits.

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