7 December 2012

DocYou: Hollyoaks explores bullying

We've been following the bullying storyline in Hollyoaks and would love to know your thoughts on bullying

DocYou: Hollyoaks explores bullying

Don't get us started on bullying... We'd guess that most people reading this have experienced it in some way, either directly, or as a witness. Some people in the world just seem to get off on making others feel like c**p, and to be honest with you, it doesn't stop once you finish school... 

We've been watching the responses to the Hollyoaks DocYou bullying storyline. In the show at the moment Esther is being badly bullied by the teen friendship group. Initially this was led by uber bitch Maddie who was doing that oh so clever thing where everyone thought she was sweet as pie but she was actually a five star bitch. 

Then she got killed by a flaming car door from a great height and you thought that might be the last of it, but Esther's ordeal is far from over, and a lot of the detail about that is playing out in the Doc You videos. And next week THE TRUTH will finally come out. 

DocYou is an online video project run by new character Dylan. There are new videos coming out all the time, and the characters from Hollyoaks are commenting on them, taking you deeper into the story.

#helpesther: You can get involved with the Help Esther campaign here

It's really got people talking about bullying on the Hollyoaks site, and you can tell some people are looking at the vids and thinking about times when they've stood by and let people be cruel to each other without stepping in. 

We're going to write a big piece on bullying in response to this, so we'd really love to hear your thoughts on the subject. The article is going to be: Bullying - what can you actually do?

So if you've got advice or observations about bullying you've experienced or seen happening, comment below, or email hello@whateverafter.co.uk

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