10 February 2012

Your cosmic love predictions

We asked Nikki who our perfect partners and favourite friends should be according to the stars. Here is her cosmic lovecast for 2012...

Your cosmic love predictions

Significant Others?

Ah, February – the month of love. Filled with cupids, rose petals, cheap cards and even cheaper chocolates. If you’re lucky. Or if your Dad wants to “anonymously” spoil his little princess. But what do the stars have in store for your love life and friendships this year? Astrological compatibility is never down to sun signs alone - to be honest, sun signs play only a tiny part in it, but if I explained all the magical voodoo behind it I’d have to kill you, and that would be messy. There are, however, broad trends to the year which might just find Mr Right or Miss Bestest Friend in the World headed in your direction.


Potential Squeeze: A headstrong Cancer who can play you at your own games. It’s all about give and take in this potentially explosive relationship, but when it works, it works better than anything you’ve ever felt before.

Best Mates Material: A softly spoken, artistic Libra girl who’s rather shy and reserved. She admires your confidence and charisma, but you in turn are enthralled with her serenity and modesty. A great team. 


Potential Squeeze: A romantic, poetic Pisces boy who doesn’t care that he’s different to the rest. You help him to keep his feet on the ground, but he gives your imagination wings and helps you soar. 

Best Mates Material: An animal loving Scorpio girl who loves the outdoors. You’re both sensitive and can occasionally get on one another’s nerves, but together you’re a great team and you always find a way to make it work.  


Potential Squeeze: A fellow Gemini who loves sports and video games. You understand one another on a deep emotional level – and let’s face it, with two Geminis together, your lives are never going to be boring!

Best Mates Material: A studious Sagittarius girl with big ambitions. You help her to find the fun in life, but she helps you to knuckle down to some hard work and to understand that studying can be cool.  


Potential Squeeze: A hard working Virgo who wants to make his own way in the world. You protect and nurture him, while his sincerity and modesty always takes your breath away – an excellent match with lots of potential.

Best Mates Material: A red-headed Leo with a flamboyant dress sense. You’re in awe of her confidence, but she loves your common sense and kindness. Lots of fun to be had together, especially working alongside one another on a musical project.   


Potential Squeeze: A fellow Leo who loves the limelight almost as much as you do. Surprisingly, this turns out to be a dramatic, intense and passionate relationship, with firm and solid roots – if you stop competing for long enough!

Best Mates Material: A spirited Sagittarius who shows you there is more to life than style and teaches you to love the outdoors. It’s a fun, fast-paced friendship and you can learn a great deal from one another.


Potential Squeeze: A gentle, unassuming Pisces. He enhances your romantic sensitivities, while you bring him a sense of order and stability he greatly needs. A loving, deep and meaningful partnership.

Best Mates Material: A chatty and lively Gemini. She helps to lighten your seriousness somewhat, while you help to bring shape and form to her scatterbrained plans. This one could run and run – potentially a real friendship for life. 


Potential Squeeze: A fun loving Aquarius boy with a strong stubborn streak. You know how to win him over and he loves your femininity and refinement. 

Best Mates Material: A fashionable fellow Libra who’s new to town. You demand a lot from one another but you both have the maturity to make your friendship work and you’re definitely on the same wavelength. 


Potential Squeeze: An outdoor loving Taurus boy with old fashioned values. In many ways, you’re the opposites of one another, which can be hugely exciting! 

Best Mates Material: A quiet and studious Capricorn who loves cats. It takes time for you to trust one another, but once you do you discover shared interests and enormous reserves of loyalty and support. 


Potential Squeeze: A studious Aquarius boy with an interest in politics. You’ll keep surprising one another but you also respect each other’s need for freedom and independence.  

Best Mates Material: A strong willed Aries who’s trying to tame her temper. You’re both strong enough to withstand one another’s tantrums; you’ll love her focus and direction while she really appreciates your ability to think outside the box.  


Potential Squeeze: A dark and handsome Scorpio boy who keeps his wilder side well hidden. Deep down, you share the same values. He loves your direct, uncomplicated nature while you fall for his slightly dangerous edge.  

Best Mates Material: A gentle Virgo with extraordinary artistic talent. Your two earth signs complement and understand one another; it’s a meeting of minds that can easily withstand any petty jealousies and disagreements.  


Potential Squeeze: A feisty Leo who’s busy fighting battles. You admire his commitment to his cause, while he adores your refusal to conform. Together, you’re a formidable combination and could go far.

Best Mates Material: A gentle, mystical Taurus girl who doesn’t quite “fit in” with the crowd. She is drawn to your loyalty and honesty, while you admire her determination to be herself, perhaps against the odds.    


Potential Squeeze: A focused Capricorn who has an eye on his future career. You admire his commitment and hard work, while in you he finds a delightful, romantic and altogether softer approach to life.

Best Mates Material: An animal mad Cancer girl who shares your compassion and concern for the wider world. Together you truly could make the world a better place – and have a lot of fun doing it, too. 


Astrologer and mind body spirit author Nikki Harper. Nikki’s lunar astrology book for teens, MoonSurfing for Teens, is due out in Autumn 2012 – find out more at www.facebook.com/moonsurfing

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