7 July 2011

Confidence tips

Everyone has days when they wish they were someone else, or feel that they're no good. Next time you feel that way, reach for our confidence improving tips

Confidence tips

Stop looking in the mirror 

Ok, so you need it to make sure you haven't got spinach in your teeth and that your skirt's not tucked into your knickers but apart from that try not to get obsessive. Girls who put more emphasis on their looks then other areas of their lives tend to be less confident. We're not saying stop caring, we're just saying maybe try and stop caring soooo much. 

Accept compliments

If you're one of those people that bats off a compliment whenever someone gives you one then stop. They're saying it cos they think it, and you should think it too. 

Assume people like you

Girls spend a lot of time wondering and worrying if people like them or not. It's a waste of time and just a way of worrying about something that you have no control over. People who assume they are liked are far happier then those who worry they're not. 

Remember the good stuff

Take a moment to think back over the last couple of weeks and write down all the compliments people have paid you. They'll be more than you think and it'll remind you how special and valued you are. 


So you don't have to get on a plane and go and save the world, just helping a mate with their homework, baby-sitting or doing the dishes will not only help someone else, but make you feel good about yourself too. 

Stand up straight

It instantly lifts you mood and makes you feel more powerful apparently. Looks like your Gran was right when she kept telling you to stop slouching...

Have a Giggle

Laughter lifts our mood instantly which in turn increases our confidence levels. 

Cuddle up

In scientific studies, researchers found that after a hug the amount of the stress hormone cortisol found in our blood reduces. What are you waiting for, grab your teddy now! Less anxiety leads to a happier, more confident you. 

Wear something bright 

It will instantly lift your mood. Statistically yellow is the colour that makes most people feel instantly happier. Having the confidence to wear bright colours will also have the effect of making you feel stronger and more assertive. 

Forget past mistakes

Leave the past in the past. Learn from your mistakes by all means, but don't obsess over them because it will make you feel insecure and down on yourself. People who focus on the future and look forward to it are generally happier and more confident then those who don't. 

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