18 December 2011

Christmas nail art

We heart nail art and Christmas nail art is even better, here's some styles to get you in the festive mood...

Christmas nail art

The Christmas party season is upon us! But in a sea of sequins and sparkly dresses, you need something to really make you stand out. So whip off those gloves and give your hands a makeover! Start off by exfoliating and moisturising your hands and finish off by filing your nails into a smooth curve. Then the fun can begin! Try one of our hot new nail art looks – tis the season...

1) Bling things (above)

Who says winter has to be grey and dull? Brighten up your party outfit with a bit of Bollywood inspired bling – perfect for parties!

When I’m out in the freezing cold, there is nothing quite like the thought of lying on a beach with the orange sun and the azure ocean – and this next party look is inspired by India. Simply choose your brightest, most favourite colour that you would never actually wear! I chose a tangerine polish by Barry M. Paint  – don’t be scared, it will look a bit garish!

The next step is to get hold of some bling! Specialist nail and accessory shops like Claire’s and Superdrug do sell nail gems – but you can use anything you like – old sequins, small beads or studs work well. I used some Bindis I had left over from a Halloween costume of Princess Jasmine. While your base coat is setting, push the gem into the middle of the nail and hold firmly for ten seconds. Finish by lightly coating your design with hardening clear polish, which will help it stay in place and give your nails a hard vinyl shine.


2) Candy cane nails

Candy cane nails

Nothing says Christmas like the candy cane – sweet and sugary, it’s a real treat that also looks fab on any traditional Christmas tree. But we see no reason why it can’t look great on your nails too!

To get some candy cane cute on your cuticles, you will need a pillarbox red nail polish (essential in any nail kit). I love Nails Inc. Victoria and Albert (£11 – but it lasts ages chip free). Once your base coat is dry, you will need Andrea Fullerton Stripe and Sparkle in white (£4.99 from Superdrug) – it comes with a special skinny brush for painting on stripes and optional glitter for that extra bit of Christmas sparkle!

Simply wait for the base coat of red polish to dry before applying the white stripes – you will need a steady hand (resting your hand on a table really helps) and stripe upwards from the base to the tip of the nail.


3) Jack Frost Fingers

Ice blue nails

Icy blues and white lace are all the rage this year - and nothing will make you look more like an ice queen than these beautiful lacy nails to put the frosting on any winter outfit!

You will need a ice blue nail colour – I used one from Toma nails (£6.99), but Barry M also does some lovely pale blues for just £2.50. Paint your nails with the icy blue – add a pearly topcoat for an extra frosty sheen.

When the nails are completely dry, get some lacy/vintage inspired stickers (I used a floral pattern from Claire’s Accessories for £2.99) and stick them near the base or the tip of your nail – never in the middle!  Mix and match the designs and press them on firmly. To finish, apply a hardening top coat, which will keep those talons looking terrific for weeks!


4) Party animal

Animal print nails

If you are a bit of a rock chick – don’t despair! Not all party looks are about glitter and glamour – get your grunge on with some minx nail wraps!

Wraps come in loads of different colours and designs and there is sure to be one you will love! I used Nail Rock in pink leopard print (£7). However, I gave my nails my own look by ripping the ends to give them a textured, frayed look perfect for a rock concert or catching any emo boy’s eye.

All you have to do is choose a design and cut the nail wrap to size. Then push firmly onto the nail (making sure to squeeze out any bubbles) and use a hairdryer to cement to your nail – an easy, no mess look that will make you a talking point at any crimbo party (and makes a great stocking filler mum)! Finish with a fray by filing off the excess wrap in an outward motion, as opposed to into the nail.

And there you have it! A Christmas look that will definitely compliment your style and outfit and keep you look pretty in while unwrapping your prezzies. Merry Christmas!

Article by Helen Varley


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