11 August 2012

Boy's View-Why do boys go out with rubbish girls?

Kev gives us the answer to the most perplexing question of all...

Boy's View-Why do boys go out with rubbish girls?

WA readers K and T asked:

Why the f**k boy 1 going with SB when he could have T who's a far better person and better looking..

P.s why did boy 2 dump K when shes a gr8 gal !!!!!! hes so dumb, tell us the anwer O wise one kevin xxxx

Kev the boy said:

I can’t answer this question as well as you might want me to because I haven’t seen photos of any of the people involved or met them so I don’t know who is nicer really.

Not that I don’t believe your version of events. But girls are notoriously biased when it comes to comparing girls who are their friends with ones that aren’t.

Girls frequently tell me about their ‘really hot’ mate who turns out to look like Phil Mitchell with hair. Likewise, they will tell me that girls I think are fit are actually horrible.

Maybe boys and girls have different definitions of hot. But more to the point is that boys often make bad relationship decisions because basically, we don’t know what we’re doing. Maybe Boy 2 dumped K because he was influenced by his mates, or he thought she was too serious or not serious enough.

Or maybe he just has really bad taste in women and is an idiot, or maybe he’s attracted to antelopes rather than humans. It doesn’t really matter, because he’s history now and if K is a great gal then she will find someone better than Boy 2.

I also think that if what you say about T is true, she will ultimately live a happier and more successful existence than SB, who will probably get dumped by Boy 1 eventually. And then I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked out K. Although that could make T angry and she’ll probably try to get off with Boy 2 in retaliation, the implications of which don’t bear thinking about.

I reckon you’re better off starting again with Boy 3 and Boy 4 instead, although I heard that they are gay but Boy 5 is hot and up for it, as are Boys, 7, 13 and 20. You know who I’m talking about.

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