3 June 2011

Boy's view: Why do boys get over break-ups quicker than girls?

Delving once more into the murky depths of boy-world, Kevin the Boy tells it like it is...

Boy's view: Why do boys get over break-ups quicker than girls?

A WA reader asked: Why do boys get over you so quickly, yet it takes you weeks to forget your feelings for them?

Kevin the boy said: No, you are flipping* wrong. This isn’t what happens.

Boys don’t get over things any quicker than girls because they are also humans, even though they sometimes smell like other species such as monkeys, and like humans they have feelings.

You can easily test this theory by giving a boy a cute stuffed alien as a present and letting him cuddle it, then minutes later taking the alien off him and throwing it off a cliff. He will not get over it any quicker than you would.

Only a idiot would let everyone know they are upset about the break-up of their relationship. Or more accurately, only a girl would do that. Boys are not allowed to cry about girls because boys will call them girls, if that makes sense. In other words he may be as sad as you or sadder, but he won’t tell anyone so it just seems like he’s over it when he isn’t.

I admit that sometimes boys will be flippant about a break-up whereas you, the girl, will be angry and scream horrible things about him up towards the heavens, like he’s a stupid fat idiot or he’s got a weird-shaped head or he smells like a monkey. But this depends on the people involved, not on gender. Whoever was more into the relationship will be more upset. For instance, I was once dumped by a girl and I cried but she didn’t care at all. And I’m one of the toughest, sexiest dudes on this planet.

Luckily someone gave me a stuffed alien to cheer me up, and to this day it remains my closest friend.

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