9 December 2011

Boys names we think are fit- THE RESULTS

Has your vote made it into the top ten?

Boys names we think are fit- THE RESULTS

We obviously do discuss important political events and world news and read The New Yorker here at Whatever After. But we also pootle around eating biscuits and talking a lot about boys. In fact we are more planning to read The New Yorker.  It is on the resolution list for sure. When we thought of ‘Boys names we think are fit’ we could never have predicted that all around the country, in fact all around the world, girls are also lolling around having incisive thoughts on the matter. Forget discussing world news, this is world news! 

We have never had such a massive response to anything we have written. Team Whatever After you have excelled yourselves! So, here are the results. We are posting them to 10 Downing Street and also Clarence House for good measure. Wills and Kate might need this information for any Princes they might pop out in the near future…


1. Oliver / Ollie

2. Noah

3. Liam

4. Jonah

5. Luke

6. Sam

7. James

8. Adam

9. Max

10. Jake



Bad news for boys who have K names I’m afraid… You voted overwhelmingly for Kevin, Keith and Kenneth as being the least hot names ever invented. 


We might also send this information to The New Yorker as rather than reading it maybe we should be writing it…

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