5 October 2011

Boys names we think are fit

What's in a name? Well, according to theory recently invented by us it can make you fit...

Boys names we think are fit

We read an article about a survey done back in the day about what boys names girls found most attractive. It was done in the 80s and back in that be-lycra'd time the top three were Paul, Mark and erm...Clint (the girls didn't do much better Christine, Cheryl and Melanie!)

We also read that women are most attracted to men with one syllable names such as Joe, Tom or Ben. But this can't be true because, er, what about Orlando?

Anyway, we feel it's high time to update the survey and that we are the people to do it. So write and tell us what boys names you think are fit and we will compile a list and then send it the government. 

Our list so far is:

Dougie (where are you Dougie from year 11? Get in touch if you're reading this)

It is basically a list of boys names we think are fit. Which are probably based on A) real live boys we do / have fancied eg, Dougie from year 11 when I was in year 9 B) famous boys we do / have fancied eg, Leonardo Di Caprio you will always have a place in my heart and on my fridge. 

For the record, our least attractive names are:


Let's face it, at the moment this is just based on us and the boys we fancy. We need the input of team Whatever After to make this a fully schientifical list of true fact so that the government will take us seriously. 

Tell us what names you love and what names you hate, we want to know! Post here, or email hello@whateverafter.co.uk or comment below...

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