2 May 2011

Plus size model Naomi gives us her beauty tips

We'd love to look like Naomi, she tells us how she does it...

Plus size model Naomi gives us her beauty tips

Naomi Shimada started modelling after being discovered when she was just 13, but instead of feeling gorgeous (because she is!) she spent many of her teen modelling years worrying about her weight and size.

Now, almost ten years on she has emerged as a successful plus-size model who quite literally has her cake and eats it. Here, Naomi shares her tips on looking and feeling gorgeous no matter what your shape, size or colour.

1: Don't wear too much make-up...

"Don't wear too much make up, especially if you wear it just for the boys. Boys don't even like a lot of make up! For me, if I do my lips, I don't do my eyes. My make-up kit is pretty basic: cheek tint (which I use on my lips), eyeliner, mascara, a little bit of lipstick and some concealer. I don't wear eyeshadow as I find it hard to put on and then it won't stay on!"

2: ...and make sure you take it off!

"I always take my make up off – it's part of my skin care regime. No matter how tired I am I always take it off. I try not to use face wipes all the time, but I do make sure I always have some by my bed in case I need to crash out."

3: Embrace the fresh face

"For young skin, use a tinted moisturiser – don't wear foundation until you need to! Make sure you choose the right colours to match your skin tone. Always use SPF based make-up to help protect your skin. Embrace the fresh face!"

4: As for exercise...

"Find something you like to do. Exercise doesn't have to be a chore. My thing is I love dancing and there are a million different types of dance. I'm lucky enough to live in London where there is any form of dance I could ever dream of so if I get bored of one I just try another one. Whether you like team sports or yoga - just try something new. Exercise doesn't have to mean running on a treadmill. In fact, that's my idea of hell!"

5: Get measured

"All good outfits start with good foundation wear, so get your underwear fitted! So many people wear the wrong bra size. You can't look good on the outside if you're wearing the wrong stuff on the inside. There is also amazing support underwear too – there is so much out there now that you can find anything you need to help you feel comfortable and to look your best."

6: Understand your shape

"Figure out what your best assets are and work them! For me, I know I can't wear low slung trousers because they just don't suit me. So I wear high-waisted ones to accentuate my curves and then mix them with crop tops. They hug my shape and support it."

7: Don't just follow trends

"I've never followed the trends that you see in every magazine – why would you want to look like everyone else? Look through old movies, old pictures, find things that inspire you like music, art, films – wear what you like. Clothes are an amazing thing – I'm not obsessed with high brands, I just wear what I like and that makes me feel like me."

8: Practice taking photos

"Practice in the mirror, find angles that work for you. It sounds silly, but sit up straight. All good pictures come from good posture! Also, think of something that makes you happy and that will project in the photograph."

9: Eat your fruit and veg

"Nobody looks good if they don't eat vegetables or fruit. Don't make eating them a chore, make it fun! Slice apples and keep them in your bag for if you're peckish or want a snack. See what is colourful when you go to the supermarket and make something pretty!

10: Be confident

"You can't project confidence and look your best unless you're really feeling it. Only you can make yourself feel good. No matter what expensive clothes you have or hairdresser you go to, only you can pull yourself up and get yourself feeling good."


Interview by Helen Varley

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