18 April 2012

Your winning beauty tips

Find out who won our Soap and Glory beauty tip competition...

Your winning beauty tips

In our latest competition we asked for your top beauty tips for a chance to win some ace Soap and Glory products. So many people sent in tips that the Whatever After team are now officially the most beautiful women in the kingdom, so thanks! 

It was hard to pick a winner, but we were impressed with Sylvia's comprehensive list of tips and we've crowned her our Beauty Queen. Whoop, Go Sylvia. 

We've decided to use all the tips you've sent in for good, so keep an eye out for a whole new section... In the meantime, here are Sylvia's tips:

1. Always wear sunscreen

2. Cleanse, tone + moisturise especially when make up is involved, make up will look better on clean skin. No time? Pick up wipes that have tea tree extract, 3 in 1!

3. Eat healthily: For a healthy glow outside, you need to be healthy on the inside so fruits & veggies and less fast food (apart from the odd chocolate bar)

4. Eggs: No, not for eating. If you have open pores, put egg whites on your face and rinse off ten minutes later & moisturise!

5. Exfoliate: At least once a week, use a facial scrub to remove excess dead skin for brighter skin. Don't have scrub? Cut a fresh tomato in half, dab some some sugar on and scrub with it!!! Avoid using scrub more than 3 times a week to prevent dry skin.

6. Wash your face twice a day: First when you wake up to remove dead skin (you create new skin while you sleep) and at night before sleep to remove make up, dirt, grime and sweat from your day. This also means less spots!

7. Find a good moisturiser. Dry skin means thicker creams with either cocoa/shea butter or olive oil extracts, sensitive skin means using light lotions with aloe vera(jojoba) and normal skin can use simply anything. If you have acne, avoid the thick stuff and keep it light!

8.Olive oil!!! My aunt taught me this one!!! If you run out of make up remover, just use olive oil, it won't clog your pores because the particles are too big to enter your skin and the make up SLIDES off leaving your skin super smooth!!!

9. Water: Want clear skin? Drink water!!! It will also help make your eyes whiter!

10. Be gentle: Girls, please be gentle to your eye area when applying make up, if you yank your eyelids, you're asking for under eyebags.

11. Make up: Be careful when buying foundation, carry wipes for when you try samples and carry a mirror because the ones in the shop tend to be tricked out and when you try a sample, go out of the shop/stand next to a window and look into your mirror under natural light.

12. Photo shop: No, not on your computer, I mean, take photos when you shop. Have you ever tried something on and looked perfect in the shop but when you got home....need I say more? The mirrors are fixed with the lights to trick you at times so next time you shop, take your phone out and you'll have a record of what you really looked like...

13. Brush at least twice a day for a lovely white, winning smile.

14. Don't forget the deodorant!!!!


Sylvia K

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